International Jazz Day with Alzy Trio

FULL ! C’est complet ce samedi 30 avril pour les festivités des 20 ans de l’Alzy Trio  Pas étonnant : vous en connaissez beaucoup, vous, des groupes où les mêmes musiciens jouent ensemble depuis si longtemps À part, bien sûr, Genesis, King Crimson, Magma, Pink Floyd, Santana, Scorpions, The Beach Boys, The Manhattan Transfer, The Rolling Stones, The Swingle Singers et quelques rares autres ;-)

Alzy Trio (& friends) 20th anniversary

Born on 2002 May 1st (10 years before the International Jazz Day ;-) the Alzy Trio (Pascal Kober, Christian Sanchez and Thierry Rampillon) will celebrate its 20th anniversary for the International Jazz Day on 2022 April 30th (from 18 pm to 24 pm), with its Great French (and American ;-) SongBook, in the baroque chapel and the gardens of the great Musée dauphinois, on Grenoble’s heights (Alps, France).


An incredible historical place (old stones built in 1622, laden with 400 years of history !) where we’ll welcome a couple of friends, jazz musicians who played with us during these 20 years.

On this picture (© Photo 2012 Christian Rausch) :
Christian Sanchez on guitar,
Jean-Pierre Jackson on drums,
Pascal Kober on acoustic bass,
Christel Leca on vocals,
Dominique Sanfourche on guitar,
Hervé Bodeau on piano
and Thierry Rampillon on guitar

Click on the picture to discover the International Jazz Day.

International Jazz Day (Alzy Trio)


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